Google Documents

Google Docs provides the ability to create web-based word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents.  It also has extensive capabilities for the sharing of these documents for management and collaboration by a number of people.  Within an association like the GAA where a significant amount of normal business is carried out within committee structures this management and sharing of documents from one central location can save a huge amount of time in the normal administration of committees.  It can also save confusion over what  the latest version of a document is or who added what pieces etc.

One thing to be aware of though is that although the docs produced look like document types that people may be more familiar with i.e. MS Word, Excel etc. they are not.  Some restrictions do apply in relation to the uploading of the more familiar type where they will get converted unless you choose not to.  This restriction although doesn't effect the sharing of documents in one location does impact the ability to edit and collaborate within the Google Docs application.

An overview of Google Docs can be found here.